Top Orlando Attractions – What Are The Top Places You Must Visit during your Vacation?


Listing all of Orlando’s attractions is not an easy task; visiting each of these places is almost impossible unless you have enough time and deep pockets. This is why you need a list of the best Orlando attractions. These are places that you should simply visit when you arrive in Orlando. The rest will, of course, have a second preference.

Walt Disney is without a doubt the biggest attraction in Orlando. It was even Disney Land that made Orlando known as the best family vacation spot in the world. Whether you come with children or not, Disney World theme parks should not be missed. There are 4 theme parks and two water parks spread over a gigantic area. When you arrive, you may not be able to cover these parks in one day. Plan to spend enough days at Disney World so you don’t miss anything.

Universal Studios

This cinematic theme park is one of Orlando’s other must-see attractions. Whether you are a movie buff or an action fan, you will love this place. Enjoy the rides – physical and virtual – live-action shows, movie characters, carnivals and interactive exhibits. If you come here in the summer, you can expect it to be busy. It will be less busy midweek.

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Kennedy Space Center

If you visit this place when launching a space, you’re in luck! It is a unique experience. At the Kennedy Space Center, you can enjoy American space. You can also learn a lot about space shuttles, such as how they are run now, etc. It is a great learning experience not only for the kids but even for the curious little kid in you!

Adventure Islands

The word “adventure” says it all. If you love adrenaline rushing through your veins, then you’re the type to love the latest releases here. Add to that some of the most entertaining interactive entertainment attractions and you can easily see why everyone likes it here.

The Arabian Nights

Orlando has some of the best amusement parks the world has ever seen. But the city even counts on its food, mainly because it has found a new way of eating. And the Arabian Nights dinner show is creme-de-la-creme! While you eat deliciously, prepare yourself for a floor with dazzling views and costumes.

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Busch Gardens

“Where the unexpected meets” – the slogan says it all. Whether you want to enjoy the beauty of nature or you are looking for the pleasure of beautiful walks, the Busch Gardens have what you are looking for. You have the tallest reverse roller coasters in the world and whitewater adventures in this place.