Study abroad: Explore the main reason why Singapore should be your destination


Only a few countries in the world offer a more attractive mix of world-class education, advanced technology and vibrant global culture. Under the vast skyscrapers spread across the city, you will witness the effectiveness of Little India, China Town and Kampong Glam. When combined with their status as a leading centre in business, finance and education in Asia, one feels compelled to recognize that no other country can offer young students and ambitious professionals with the kind of exposure Singapore does.

Life and Culture in Singapore:

As the country is a melting pot of diverse cultures – Indian, Malaysian, European and Chinese, it celebrates ethnic diversity. Moreover, since English is widely spoken, you will never feel misplaced. The multilingual culture will encourage you to study and study the Asian language.

For those who live and breathe sports, they will love the Singapore climate, which remains warm and sunny all year round. Activities like surfing, windsurfing, dragon boat racing, and biking excursions take place throughout the year to give you a full tropical island experience. For those who love the nightlife, there are many live music bars, mega-clubs and beach bars. Culture lovers can also choose from local and international music and art shows, galleries, theatres and museums scattered throughout the city. So, regardless of your entertainment preferences, you’ll also find something exciting to immerse in this tropical paradise.

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Singapore is also known as the “Garden City”. The entire city is covered with lush green belts to ensure the city’s lungs remain clean and unlisted. Singapore boasts many public and private residences and apartments and youth hostels that are unparalleled in comfort and modernity.

The education scenario in Singapore:

Singapore considers itself a global school offering a unique and diverse mix of educational services in a comfortable and global environment. As one of Asia’s leading educational hubs, the country provides a worldwide perspective and a broad core curriculum to provide its students with relevant training and qualifications to provide them with a springboard for a brighter future. Given the country’s unparalleled reputation for quality education, it has encouraged many of the world’s best institutions to set up a campus in Singapore. More than sixteen leading foreign universities have opened centres of excellence in research and education in Singapore. The educational landscape has been enriched by quality private institutions that add diversity to the country’s informative view.

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Advantages of education in Singapore:

Quality education: Education and the cost of living in Singapore is relatively less than in other developed countries in the world. Students can obtain scholarships and scholarships in Singapore based on academic degree and record performance.

Future employment potential: As a global trade centre along with its advanced infrastructure and political stability, Singapore has more than 7,000 multinationals along with other companies that have chosen Singapore as their regional hub. The growing need of the workforce to meet the demands of a rapidly growing economy makes education in Singapore create more job opportunities for its students.

Convenience access: Singapore is well connected by sea and air. Singapore’s geographical location provides easy access to other regions of Asia. It is somewhat close to India and China to allow students to visit their home country during breaks.

Ease of approval of studies: To study in Singapore, students must simply request a Student Card (STP) without having to visit the Singapore Embassy for the interview (according to ICA regulations). This simplified procedure also has a higher approval rate compared to other countries like Europe and America.

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