IVM seriki: Innoson motors rolls out another banger named SERIKI


IVM seriki: Innoson motors rolls out another banger named SERIKI

Ivm seriki: The African giant auto manufacturer “Innoson Vehicles” is not relenting in projecting its African heritage by adopting indigenous names for its vehicle models, first was the popular IVM iKENGA SUV which was named after a prominent Igbo man Dr. DOZIE IKEDIFE, IKENGA NNEWI. Ikenga SUV came with lots of amazing features and comfort.
Recently, Innoson introduced another African pride named Seriki, this is to show that IVM is a true citizen and unbiased as rumors have it that Innoson is only recognizing the Igbos in its indigenous naming adoption. Seriki Means leader in Hausa language, I’m very sure our brothers from North would like this innovation as we expect IVM Yoruba Model, maybe we would have IVM ODUDUWA..” winks”



Seriki is a 14 seater commuter bus manufactured to solve the problems of discomfort, uncomfortable and inconveniences while traveling by road around the country, seriki is manufactured to fit our traditional roads and provide comforts to the users. Its Compatibility and longevity is Hundred percent and it is balanced on the ground
Three words that best describe the Seriki are Power! Safe! Space!.
The blend of brand new technologies and exclusive materials and functions inside an innoson Seriki offer something special for very demanding customers.

INNOSON: IVM rolls out innoson IKENGA SUV

Innoson Seriki Pictures

Here are some cool pictures of Innoson Seriki as gotten from their officials. These pictures includes seriki interior views and other amazing pictures.




Innoson interior view

Innoson seriki interior
Innoson seriki interior



Innoson seriki interior


Ivm Seriki Price


For some persons that are already anticipating to know the cost of seriki, it is just at the tip of your fingers.
Here is the simple process to follow to get every detail on the price and payment method:
kindly send a mail to sales@innosonvehicles.com

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