Discover the 5 best volunteering programs in Thailand to participate during your vacation in Thailand


Thailand made its mark as the ultimate tourist destination. But life in Thailand goes beyond the full moon beach parties, picturesque floating markets and traditional tourist routes. There is a lot to see, do and contribute to the local community in Thailand. The country thrives on volunteer programs and welcomes foreign volunteers with open arms. Most of the volunteers go to the mountain regions of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Surin.

There are many opportunities to volunteer in Thailand.

Children’s home/orphanage:

Most orphanages or children’s homes as they are called in Thailand depend heavily on volunteers. Orphanages are understaffed with little or no child care training. The children have no one to care for them, so they are placed in orphanages. Volunteering at an orphanage in Thailand is a rewarding experience because children earn someone who can inspire and spend quality time. Children love the attention that volunteers give them.


An educational program is provided in many places in Thailand. Various organizations organize voluntary educational programs for school children and monks in monasteries. The monastery schools are mainly located in Chiang Rai. Working with monks is an exciting aspect of volunteering in Thailand. Volunteers primarily teach English to improve grammar and children’s fluency.

Hill Tribe Community:

Lanna of Chiang Mai is very friendly and warm. Working with them is a unique experience. Their culture and way of life are very different from other parts of Thailand. Volunteers working with the hillside community build community buildings, care for children whose parents are absent from work, care for farmland, and help improve people’s lives. The facilities provided for the volunteers working with Lana residents in Chiang Mai are fundamental but clean and hygienic.

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Elephant camp:

Elephants are an integral part of Thai culture and rituals. The white or albino elephant is one of the most sacred animals in Thailand. Elephant camps in Thailand are a popular destination as part of a volunteer program in Thailand. Volunteers work closely with elephant breeders to care for elephants in the field. They prepare their daily meals, take a shower, and help clean up the surroundings. Volunteering at Elephant Camp in Thailand is one of the most enjoyable ways to volunteer abroad.


Pre-medical and nursing students have a lot to gain by volunteering at a healthcare centre in Thailand. The Surin centre is not fully equipped and lacks staff. Medical and nursing volunteers contribute a lot to community health care here. Often, volunteers must provide home service to people who cannot travel or who have no money to go. Thailand’s volunteer program is a rewarding experience.

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