Brazil is Weighing 5G Risks Amid U.S-China Spat Over Huawei

5g networks

Brazil is Weighing 5G Risks Amid U.S-China Spat Over Huawei

5G network: (Bloomberg) — Brazil’s national security body is conducting a broad risk review before the country chooses a partner to create its ultra-fast fifth-generation mobile network.


The head of the country’s Institutional Security cabinet, General Augusto Heleno, said the government is aware of the U.S. allegations that Huawei Technologies Co. includes parts that may be used for spying. the company is that the largestt supplier of telecom gear in the world and provides technical equipment to all large telecom operators in Brazil.



Heleno said the government is gathering information, but he ruled out banning the Chinese company’s bid in next year’s auction, a move that would be “too radical” in what he expects will be a “good fight” for Brazil’s 5G network. Officials will likely make a decision sometime next year, according to Heleno.


“We can’t pretend we’re not watching,” he said in an interview in his cabinet in Brazilian capital. “The big threat in all told this 5G discussion is regarding the actual fact that it’ll enable United Nations agency or whoever owns the technology to understand who you’re, how much does one earn and what’s in your bank account.”


U.S Pressure…… 5G networks


U.S. officials have urged Brazil and different allies not to depend on Huawei parts in their 5G networks, saying it’d facilitate spying by Peking. The U.S. State Department has warned that it may downgrade security cooperation with Brazil if it gives the Chinese technology company the go-ahead.

5g networks



While President Jair Bolsonaro could be a close ally of U.S. President Donald Trump, the Brazilian leader is progressively warming up ties with China wafter criticizing Peking earlier this year. China is Brazil’s high mercantilism partner.


Bolsonaro has met together with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping twice since late October. Earlier in the week, the Brazilian president spoke with Huawei’s Brazil’s corporate executive in Brazilian capital. After the meeting, Bolsonaro said his country will choose whoever has the best offer to build its 5G networks.


“The whole world is getting acquainted with a replacement reality, that has its pros and cons,” Heleno said. “Excluding a particular company, a country or a technology — there’s nothing to justify that, not for America or anyone else.”

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