Are you planning a vacation in the Emirates? The best reasons to choose Dubai as your destination


Dubai has a lot to offer as a holiday destination and a place to live in. Here are some things that make Dubai vibrant and exciting country in the world!

1. A shopping paradise.

Dubai has long been known as a leading shopping destination in the Middle East and is continuously improving. More and more malls are appearing, and the leading global stores are moving around the world. Currently, Mall of the Emirates is the leading shopping destination, due to its location near New Dubai, in the heart of the free property, and close to the beach. The Dubai Mall, which is part of the Downtown Tower project, is supposed to be the largest mall in the world, and we can expect to finish it in a few months.

2. The best hotels.

Dubai is proud to present the final tour for tourists, and the best hotels here do not disappoint! Along the beach, the world’s best hotels and resorts are full of visitors and residents, offering activities, restaurants, bars and much more. There are many hotels in Dubai, and the level is high for the majority, so anyone who comes here for a vacation has a lot to expect.

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3. Unparalleled ownership and construction.

Dubai has long been considered a city that is growing very fast, and for a few months, the difference is making. This is undoubtedly the case with all new real estate developments in Dubai and other construction projects, which are being built at a record pace. Skyscrapers seem to be emerging from nowhere, and Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world, gets new floors every two days. Dubai has always been ambitious to build, but a wide range of freehold projects that offer unique and massive engineering achievements like Palm Jumeirah in a completely different league.

4. Lots of games.

There are desert safaris and many sports facilities, including golf, markets and many places to see. Residents and visitors alike appreciate the city because it doesn’t stop. There is always something new, and the landscape in Dubai is constantly changing, thanks to the Dubai freehold market. Now it is possible to own a home in Dubai.

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