Top 19 World’s Scariest Bridges and its location

1. Sidu River Bridge, China.

Top 19 World’s Scariest Bridges and its location

Bridge can be very horrific in many cases, here are the top 19 world scariest bridges and its respective locations. You might have come across some of them but probably don’t notice ones that are horrific and vomit-inducing.

Some of these bridges had taken many lives through suicides and the likes of it. A particular bridge listed below recorded over 200 suicides.

19. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado.

20. Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado.

The Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado was built in 1929 but then it doesn’t have stabilizing wind cables for almost 60 years, obviously it became a real scary stroll since then though the bridge is now a well recognized tourist attraction. Additionally it has a cable car crossing for the really brave.

Not only is this extreme bridge the highest suspension bridge in The United States it also has a bit of an interesting history.

18. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan

18. Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge, Pakistan is Often nicknamed the most dangerous bridge in the entire world, walking across this gap filled swinging bridge customized with woods is not something for the faint hearted. As someone could collapse on seeing the bridge.

What makes this bridge one of the scariest in the world, isn’t just the fall into the Hunza River below if you slip through the cracks but also the tattered remains of the last bridge still hang by its side.

17. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida

17. Seven Mile Bridge, Florida.

Technically the newest seven mile bridge Florida is actually the second of its kind, the first one was decommissioned because it sat directly in the water and didn’t allow boats to pass by. But then as you can see there are openings beneath so as to give way for boats. It appears to be the longest river in Florida. It might look so awesome and not too scary for some persons, but imagine driving across it during many hurricane all alone.

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