IPOB Reacts over the Killing of Fasoranti’s Daughter by Herdsmen


IPOB Reacts over the Killing of Fasoranti’s Daughter by Herdsmen


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Saturday depicted the killing of the daughter of Afenifere Leader, Funke Fasoranti Olakunrin by executioner suspected herdmen as uncouth and an insult against the Yoruba race.

As indicated by the group in an announcement “Activity superior to expressions of wrath”, by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, such shouldn’t be permitted to go unpunished.

The statement read in this way: “Press articulations and languishments won’t stop the trespassers, only solid mass action can and we are ever prepared.”

IPOB said in the statement that there is a Jihads mission upheld by the present Buhari administration in Nigeria.

It said that “the Jihadi mission is to threaten, oppress and subjugate enslave everybody unfortunate enough to be part of the British colonial experiment in Nigeria.

It stated, “the shameless fear assault in Yorubaland by psychological oppressor which prompted the killing of the daughter of Chairman the Afanifere, Funke Fasoranti Olakunrin is regrettable, fiendishness and activity proposed to be utilized to scare, irritate and enslave and subjugate everyone in Nigeria, iris additionally to an opportune cautioning to Yoruba.”

“The audacious dread assault on Yoruba soil by Fulani terrorists yesterday should not go unanswered, disregarded or be permitted to be swept under the carpet because of the selfish party interest

“Let the murder of the daughter of Afenifere Chairman Funke Fasoranti Olakunrin by fulani terrorists be another solemn however auspicious reminder to the Yoruba race and their media specifically that supporting evil has its unintended results.

“I would rather not say it, however, this tragic occurrence goes to underscore the forecast I made quite a while in the past – that this Government of Nigeria as constituted from 2015 is a murderous cabal on a Jihadi mission to terrorize, oppress and subjugate everyone unfortunate enough to be a part of the British colonial trial gone mad called Nigeria.

“I explicitly cautioned the Yoruba race and their prevailing media that supporting monstrosities against Biafra and concealment of reality about the genuine personality of Jubril Aminu Al-Sudani due to Tinubu’s 2023 presidential desire won’t just be counter-gainful but will turn around to consume them. They called me a Marchant of hate speech. Today I ask them, what’s going on?

“Tragically during an era of incredible hazard like this, feeble men hand-picked by similar Fulani caliphate that is abusing everyone today, are the ones accountable for the administration of the South. Fulani terror will possibly stop when we stand up to them with equivalent power, negligible words won’t do it.

“It is time that those indecent and cowardly Yoruba media should bear the responsibility for the demise of this prominent Yoruba daughter and the more extensive rampaging viciousness of Fulani herdsmen across Nigeria.


“They neglected to impartially report reality however rather censured and assault IPOB that saw the threat the nation was sliding into the path in front of everyone.

“The time for the mother of all famous opposition is presently not tomorrow. Only an IPOB led mass revolution will save the day because we are the only ones with a history of resistance against the vandals from the Sahel.

“The sooner the youths of the Middle Belt and South West rise up to join IPOB to dismantle the terror government group and chart a new course for the respective ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria, the better our chances of survival or else we are all doomed.

“Press statements and groans won’t stop the intruders, only concrete mass action can and we are ever prepared.”

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